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What we do

About Us:

A Loving Place for Dogs

For nearly twenty years, the founders of Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue have rescued and rehabilitated thousands of abused and neglected animals from all across the country.  Now they have come together to provide the very best options for animals in need.  Located in beautiful rural South Dakota, Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue is an innovative new model of animal rescue.

Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue Sioux Falls


Fighting for Justice

We don't just wish that someone would do something about puppy mills, animal abuse, cruelty and dog fighting rings. We advocate and rally our forces of supporters to fight for better laws, stricter sentencing and justice for the innocent dogs who have no voice. We are their voice. Join our list by entering your info at the top of the page to make your voice heard for the dogs.

Advocating legislation and humane care for animals

Puppy Mills:

Rescue and Rehabilitation

Located in the epicenter of cruel puppy mill country, we work daily to end this national tragedy as well as rescue and restore the broken bodies and souls of breeder dogs throughout the midwest. Tens of thousands of dogs are suffering in puppy mills, but with your help we can put an end to it in our lifetime.

Dachshund in a puppy mill

Hospice Care:

Making Every Moment Count

Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue takes in dogs who are in too fragile of a physical or emotional state to be placed for adoption. They spend their remaining days with us in foster homes where they are loved, cherished and allowed peace and dignity. All of their needs are provided for by Midwest Puppy Mill Rescue. Whether terminally ill or emotionally devastated, they are loved, unconditionally.

Hospice care for old dogs


Say No to Pet Stores

99% of pet store puppies come from puppy mills. Purchasing from a pet store sentences the mother and father breeder dogs to continued years in a filthy cage, often with no outdoor access or sunlight, their paws never touching grass. As their tired, worn bodies give out they never know a loving touch or life in a home.  Rescue groups offer wonderful companions for adoption with the satisfaction of knowing you saved a life and helped stop puppy mills.

Rez Dog Rescue:

The Ugliness of Rez Roundups

The atrocity of 'round ups' on Native American reservations is a horror. Due to lack of education about animal welfare, very little access to low cost spay/neuter, and feral dogs packs running wild, mass killings happen frequently on many reservations. Dogs are rounded up, shot and their bodies dumped in mass graves. We work to rescue as many as possible from this unthinkable fate.

Dog on a native American reservation

Alternatives to Intake:

Helping Mentally Ill Owners in Crisis

Many mentally ill people function well for the majority of their lives, but occasionally have an acute crisis requiring hospitalization. Often they have been abandoned by their family and friends. Their pets are their main source of joy in life, their only spiritual contact with another living being who returns unconditional love, and often their only reason for living. In times of crisis we provide a temporary haven so that owners can be reunited with their pets.

Domestic Violence Assistance:

Helping Save Victims and their Pets

Victims of domestic abuse are often reluctant to leave their abusers because most domestic violence shelters do not take pets. The victims know that if they leave their pet behind, that pet will face drastic abuse and possibly even death. They would rather risk their own life by staying than to leave their pets behind. We provided temporary shelter for pets of persons fleeing domestic violence situations so that they can be reunited with their pets when it is safe.

Assisting families with pets domestic violence

Temporary Homelessness:

Keeping People and Pets Together

Many people experience homelessness. It is a dark moment when they have to give up everything. Giving up their four-legged family member is often the most cruel part. Staying together on the streets or in a car quickly becomes too dangerous. Most shelters don't allow pets, but without shelters people don't receive needed resources to recover. We provide temporary housing for pets whose people are homeless, allowing the people to concentrate on finding jobs and housing.

Adopting a dog
Assisting homeless with needs of their pets
Mentally ill crisis pet help
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